The EDA can be adapted to the analogue and digital environment.

There are producers of MES-Systems (Manufacturing Execution System), a development from the approach of the DNC idea, that collect uncensored data from machines and analyse them on the level of the master control or in the cloud. Sensor manufacturers take the opposite view with their efforts to drag the analysis of data and corresponding preparation into the sensor itself and offer the result via intelligent bus systems (I/O Link) for viewing purpose as well as further processing. Georg Maschinentechnik closes the gap between these approaches.

The collection, analysis and storage of the data occur self-sufficiently or maybe better: independently „on the edge“. So there is neither an internet connection required nor a connection to the company’s network. With increasing integration of the IT-infrastructure the number of comfort functions of the EDA increases as well. For example status-controlled events can be communicated with a selected group of users. In addition several communication channels can be used such as Push-message on the web surface or email.

Should a master control system be implemented in the company, crude data as well as analysed data can be sent to these systems. This is done via OPC-UA link or XML for example. Due to the integrated webserver on the EDA multiple log-on and remote access is possible as long as the firewall of the company permits access.