The topic Internet of Things IoT or Industrie 4.0 as it is called in Germany can not be overlooked, not even by the non-technical public. Nevertheless the range of viewpoints could not vary more. One typical reaction is "This has been known for 30 years". This remark reflects the so called DNC-technique (master control of numerical controlled machines) or CAD/CAM interlink (routing data from design to machine control). Other experts regard IoT as a fig leaf and gigantic funding program for the benefit of the economy.

Once again others are infected by the vision of collaborating machine like a mixture of autonomous driving and care-robots and thereby mutate to "early adapters". The latter community is joined by Georg Maschinentechnik from Neitersen. The medium-sized enterprise manufacturing presses is a good example for areas with poor soil and harsh climate not opposing innovation. The company, founded as Karl Georg back in 1925, is ignited by IoT. It is exciting that there is not only one solution in the field of IoT, so that the solutions are many and complement each other.